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Our Historical Fiction Novels

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Sheriff of Starr County (Westward Sagas Book 5)

When Texas becomes a newly-minted state, good men and women work hard toward progress and peace. Texas Ranger Will Smith travels to the borderlands of the Nueces Strip to become the first Sheriff of Starr County. He’ll do what he must to bring justice to the frontier, including wrangling outlaws, navigating political intrigues, fighting Indians, and keeping the tenuous peace between the Tejano and Anglo residents

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About Plum Creek Press

Plum Creek Press is a publisher of general and historical fiction novels. Our goal is to bring stories to life through compelling books that transport readers to different time periods and experiences. Our team of experienced editors and designers work closely with our authors to ensure that each book is a masterpiece. We are passionate about the power of literature to educate, entertain, and inspire.

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Our Awards

“Plum Creek Press has quickly become my go-to publisher for historical fiction. Their selection of books is impressive and the quality of their publications is outstanding.”

Sarah Johnson, avid reader

“As an author, I have been impressed with Plum Creek Press' attention to detail and commitment to quality. They truly care about their authors and are a pleasure to work with.”

John Smith, bestselling author

“I have recommended Plum Creek Press to all of my book club members. Their novels are well-researched and engaging, and I always learn something new.”

Emily Davis, book club organizer

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